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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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Travel around the world and gain the competences that will help you launch your professional career.

Who am I?

and I can tell you the following about me


I have lived in 4 countries and 8 different cities all around the world.


Since I was little, I could easily travel with my imagination to an entirely and improved new reality.


I believe that with effort and patience we can get anything we want. It´s only effort and patience that make our dreams become truth.

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  • Do you want to work abroad but you don´t know where and how to start looking?

  • Would like to have international working experience in your curriculum to catch the attention of new recruiters or to upgrade your working opportunities?
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  • Are you struggling getting your cv noticed for international opportunities?

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What my colleagues think of me?

I am very happy that I worked with Esperanza Santiago. I have worked with her for 1 year. I believe her strong points are: She is very proactive, quick learner, good communicator and a very good team player. She articulates her ideas in the team. She gave few process improvement ideas during her tenure in APG which helped the team a lot. I value Esperanza both as a colleague and as a truly genuine person.
Mrinmayee Haldar
Colleague at APG Asset Managent
Esperanza Santiago has been, without doubt, one of the best colleagues I could have met at Mercedes-Benz. With her positive and full of energy personality, she can turn a normal working day into a fantastic day. She always had had a way of seeing life very characteristic, where she always motivates her colleagues to fight for their dreams, to be constant and never to stop being happy with what we do. I would love to meet more people like Esperanza in my life.
Hassiba Boucekine
Colleague at Mercedes-Benz

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