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Do you consider yourself as a citizen of the world?

Do you like to challenge yourself with new experiences out of your comfort zone?

Do you love to meet people from other cultures because you know you can get a different point of view and a more open image of this world?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions  
-we have something in common !

My name is Esperanza Santiago 
I have created this website to help people like me to travel this beautiful world at the same time that they make a professional career.

I was born and raised in a little town in the of south Spain called Úbeda. I moved to Málaga to study my Business degree in 2008. This was the year that the last financial crisis started. I remember that I had a teacher that told us not to be a rush to finish our degree, because with this crisis we would have the time to finish another degree before finding a job if we wanted.

I finished in 2013 and the employment rate for young people in Spain was 54%. So yes, it was quite a challenge finding a job with these statistics and 0 experience.  I remember to see only a few job vacancies online, and every time about 2.000 people applying for it. Quite a challenging situation. But I have always been an optimistic person, so this was not going to bring me down.

I went crazy looking for information online about how to write a cover letter, a resumé and how to do interviews. After all the effort I got good results and suddenly I had two job offers at the same time. I was super proud of myself!

Despite all the effort in finding this job, after one year and a half, I decided to quit to go to Australia. I was still too young to see myself forever in a cubicle of an office. I needed to go to explore the world and live new experiences (and I still do 🙂 )

Australia was also quite a challenging experience. I used to think that my English was good until I arrived there, but I barely could understand anybody! How was I going to find a job if I didn´t even understand the people? The answer was the same. With a lot of effort and patience.

I ended up working at the cellar door of a wonderful winery at the East Coast of Tasmania doing wine tastings and selling their products. I was very pleased with how my perseverance paid off to get such a great job.

I would say that these two experiences have been the most important in my career. Finding my first professional job in a very unhopeful situation and finding the dream job in the opposite part of the world without many skills for the position. I learned what the employers were looking for in a candidate when they are doing an interview or selection process. Very valuable knowledge that allows me to travel the world without getting anxious for finding a job.

If you want to know how 
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“The cave you fear to enter - holds the treasure you seek.”